I write poetry, short fiction and short perseverative autobiographies as a way to process, heal, and share myself and my art with the world. This blog is meant to be read as one giant story. Please do not post my work without crediting me. I have worked hard to develop a unique style and spent years becoming comfortable sharing it.

Aside from writing, I spend most of my time working as a case manager in the public assistance community.  I am open about my own ailments and use them to guide my writing and my work as a case manager and healer. I am a practicing doula, student of herbalism, practicing reiki practitioner (I have disowned this community due to its consistent blind appropriation and misinformation so I identify it as touch therapy), and am working on gathering a google document of all of the resources, above and underground, in the city of Philadelphia for the city of Philadelphia: case managers, therapists, activists, public health, and so on. I am open to emailing with other artists, writers, healers, and women from all over. I love doing reiki trades or tarot trades also. Please help me complete my Google Doc master resource list if you live in Philadelphia!

Cover image on “Panacea” by the talented Miki Takahashi. Image on this page is me taken by Chuck Wilmore.


Email me at or find me on facebook: Sarah Gawricki to chat.