last words
hang in the air
like a drunk ellipsis
that doesn’t know how to
let go.

you’re famished,
feed yourself:
eat the savage sadness
you drive with,
eat your third overdrawn
valediction between you and someone
you never really knew,
eat his fucking heart out.
watch it all nest,
watch it nuzzle in your silk,
flutter in your lining,
incubate and bake
into a thousand tiny worms
squeezing from the casing and
a thousand black butterflies
are bursting from your lips
and gliding through ice
gusts of wind.

watch them hover,
watch them expand, watch them
land on the cheeks
of all the boys you kissed
watch them
into a thousand
uninvited phrases.
run down and cake their faces,
turn to stone instantly
like mud tears.
watch them carefully
from your stage lit
with the latest thing
you hear.
you can see the goosebumps,
you can feel their hair stand
on end from here.
watch your men.

they are starting to talk
and shiver
from a distance .

“a thousand salutations”


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