“who’s the wolf and who’s the moon
                          and where’s the witch who controls the

the first snow and I couldn’t resist
rushing to you;
hungry wolf,
loyal to you

all hiss and pride
and airs and
nails down your back
ripping at your spine,
half done snarl in the form of
a crooked smirk
grinning at your mild decline;
your declination of my every invite.
fur like spurs
digging in your side
tongue that’s moist with things
I heard,
some lies they bent,
            I need you
some hex to win me.

I’m all teeth and thoughtless words
lost in clouds and raining all over
your turf, taking liberties
with casualties in the form of
plainer girls.
smile shaped like a shovel
picking at your sacrum,
sink into your gut,
unearth your tender insides
when I should have been
turning that blood-leaking beam inward
      you missed a spot
digging in
digging in
(I stayed with you last night)
digging into my own garden
and wishing you well
but i’m also

holding a cup of hot cocoa,
watching the flurry through the curtains,
notice your ghost laughing in the corner
rearranging my toy dinosaurs
into the parts of myself.
i’m imagining our reconciliation
to be better than it will be
and understanding that you still
feel me very near you,
still close to you somehow.
and darling,
heavy-hearted and you want to
even things out:
do you feel me holding you at night?
do you know when I’m in your bed?
                         do you prefer me all over or out of our head?
feel me like a demon poultice
chained to your Saturnian debt:
soft veins and softer legs wrapped around you,
eight in all,
some fang pulls your ear,
               whisper whisper whisper
a well done French kiss,
bite marks wrap your throat and I am
wishing you a very sincere and mostly becoming,
                          it’s for the best
very slow, very slow,
very patient,
very deliberate,
very well,
(you stayed with me last night)

I think we both know it’s time
to understand us.




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