I was in the house I visit all of the time. I was helping my parents with the house as if it was a hotel. I went to tell someone that my parents needed a shower. When I went back to tell my parents what I had said, they told me that isn’t what they needed, they needed guest rooms to rent. I was with my friend Cassandra. I saw xxx walk out. He had bright blue eyes. He was with someone and then changed into a friend of his. 

He was in the other room as I was laughing with my girlfriends. He was with a woman I did not recognize. When he finally left the bedroom, for once, we held eye contact the entire time he stood in front of me. He looked happy to see me.

Later, I took a bath.  I was standing. He laid on the bottom and I could see a giant cut on his back. I felt water rushing down my neck from the sky. I rubbed my ankle across his ribs and he could breathe underwater suddenly. I was naked. He saw me.  He didn’t seem bothered by any of our history.


dream, 4/18/2017


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