I made a  patreon today because I need help: https://www.patreon.com/sarahgawricki


I’m semi crying while I write this. Unless you’ve been skint, I don’t think you can imagine the sacrifices humans make to fund their lives and the dreams they sacrifice for one part of themselves. I’m a talented writer. I have great potential, but I work forty hours a week as a mental health case manager work and struggle to survive. I use free software, can’t figure out the old film camera someone came me, and know for a fact my laptop is on its last leg.

I have so many ideas and goals that I put on hold because they were unreasonable, but they are not. I am driven, smart, and ready to work hard, but I need more resources. Please help me with resources for graphics, computers, cameras, etc. I have been using Pixlr and Gimp and have taught myself how to write and design, and I want to master these things.

Thank you for hearing me.


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