lashes black and wet and
shaped like little
I had enough gumption to follow you
here, didn’t I?

watched fireflies,
licked earlobes,
tried fingers on while I
played with truths                  denied them,
held water in my thumbnail to appreciate
evaporation, longing for ground,
consecration to transience that got me all the way to
your backyard.
felt your skeleton pressed against mine,
our bones clanked with ease and I took in
the scene of two women unclothed
underneath some crescent innuendo
without friendship between them;
without people between them and I dared
to stare in a way that endures more than
deciduous planting.
shattered at the
not now
you spoke back
with a masculine fragility
I had never experienced, envied,
tried on later with pants,
unplucked eyebrows,
an unwatched bull headed to your porch.   
you were
bare faced and guarded in ways
I have yet to learn.
I’m so obvious about my trouble.

scarlet forest fire that starts with a joke,
two bodies parting,
an unreturned question;
ends with a sharp exclamation,
annihilation of your other,
ends with a reminder from someone higher to stop
destroying something to eliminate one part.
open coercion when I should have been
when I should have been laid in the grass gently
next to the ant hills and you can learn my thighs,
toes curled
without injury;
when I should have been pausing to notice
there are no people between us;
when I should have been gracious,
should have been naked.
I remove the rest of my top
and close my eyes deliberately
to show you the length
of each arrow.

I have never become divine
without first becoming




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