1/24/2017, dream


I walked uphill, it was a long road but the hill wasn’t steep. I felt like I was on my way to a carnival or somewhere fun. There were people all around me but I couldn’t see any of them, only feel them. Suddenly, I saw a woman crouched on the road facing my direction in a runners lunge as if she was about to turn into a sprint.  She looked up at me and smiled; big and wide and sudden. I should have been scared, but nothing about her frightened me.  Her hair was brown and in two long braids at the side of her face. She had no bangs. She had no blemishes. Her eyes were yellow. They were set a little far apart  from the bridge of her nose, so she was not human, but otherwise completely symmetrical. A sense of youth surrounded her. Her pupils were diamonds. Her eyes were cats’ eyes. The woman was me.  


Later in the dream, xxx and I were in an office that we shared. He was ignoring me. Later I was at a party right outside my house. He was there and I told him I was gonna take some drugs. He said something about talking to another Sarah who also liked women. My friend Cassandra told me not talk to him anymore.


I woke up unsure of myself.


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