Last night, I finished
what I started last February.
Some rituals last a lifetime.

We were in a field full of vibrancy
and living lines.
It was just us and no one else.
Alyssums, violets, roses
Finally, color, and
my whole heart broken wide,
stretched the whole equator,
golden, unflappable,
an infinity sign.
I said, “this is Elysium;
that’s one word for heaven,
one version, and
there are many others.
You are one, and I will
find and name them all.”
And without warning,
I turned to find my beloved
honeysuckle and first dead dog.
My first dead brother.
But first, a bee on my lobe.
I whore white.
I smiled.
“Do you know the difference between me and a crusade?”

You had a war about you too.


–Responses from God during meditation, March 13, 11:32 pm


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