“Rainy Morning”

 You don’t love the world.
 If you loved the world you’d have
 images in your poems.

 John loves the world.  He has
 a motto: judge not
 lest ye be judged.  Don’t

 argue this point
on the theory it isn’t possible
 to love what one refuses
 to know: to refuse

 speech is not
 to suppress perception.

 Look at John, out in the world,
 running even on a miserable day
 like today.  Your
 staying dry is like the cat’s pathetic
 preference for hunting dead birds: completely

 consistent with your tame spiritual themes,
 autumn, loss, darkness, etc.

 We can all write about suffering
 with our eyes closed.  You should show people
 more of yourself; show them your clandestine
 passion for red meat.


–Louise Gluck


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