One time I dreamed practically.

I was in an empty room
crying loudly for all the ways I never learned to
cry in real life.
A voice from the dark woke me and said:
“Sorry, but this is your life path.
Its not just prophecy,
it is not just sleepwalking,
it’s teaching the world to mourn openly<
to live authentically,
to demand things,
to praise love and humility.
But you must speak.
You’re forgiven for your grandeur,
solemn lying,
and we hope you remain prolific,
but, please,
You are a tongue,
not a gun.
And we have planted love,
everywhere. It is easy to find.“
Are you attainable, Sarah?
We demand strangeness uncontrived.”


-responses from God in dreams, someday, 4:35 am, last spring



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