I call you about the book but you never answer.

I’m green when it comes to this stuff:
a blade of grass between your teeth while you lounge on the lawn
of another peruser’s yard.
I’ve seen you answer before.
My parents got a new number and
I don’t know it anymore
and more than the space between us when we nap,
the absent breath on my neck,
drying cacti on the windowsill
that are watered more than this,
that simple fact
I’m playing more demure
these days.

I wish I had more words for” terrorize:”
another poet grunting in the dark,
picking at her stitches
and taking guesses at the Rorschach blotch
that spreads across her skirt.
I started using a tape recorder, the typing
with all the in & out,
(my attempts at suggestive staring)
just­ excessive & unbearable
& some part of my body is always
lit like a torch storming the bastion
so I keep ruining things,
I was supposed to create.
I’ll burn the story in my eyelids.

You look voracious and eager and sad
about the way I kiss .
I’ve got virulence but I prefer to soak in the warm rays
by the pond
so I must be the snake
& you still must be the
Let’s (run!) shut this thing down,
someone hints.
But I still prefer escape.

I like hiding & indecent rhyme;
climbing the rope of a long blond buxom princess’ hair
with a natural grimace & time to spare
all the way to the bottom.
I prefer to see by torch light & a slow burning ogre,
horseback & henchman & a penchant for exaggeration,
bridges on fire just don’t cut the sky like miniature devils,
they swallow.
(look back but don’t stare, sweetheart)
Grab your bitch & storm the castle,
color the moat with screaming townspeople.
Let’s paint the city’s skyline with each other’s last lines,
it just seems more classic
than trying to capture two hearts at one time
without injury between us.

And yesterday, I walked over  the highway above
the river, I could barely make it,
in a panic that this would be the death
I read about.
I have seen my body at the bottom of that wreck
so I can’t breathe sometimes when I walk next to the barrier and
I burned every bridge I have ever met.




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